Rumi’s Kitchen

Rumi’s Kitchen is a weekly community kitchen for the homeless and vulnerable in North-West London, serving quality meals and providing a safe welcoming environment for those in need. We seek primarily to overcome the isolation and loneliness often experienced by those who are homeless, which can act as a significant barrier to their rehabilitation and reintegration into communities.

Through Rumi’s Kitchen, individuals are encouraged to form much-needed positive relationships and new support networks. We like to feed people at Rumi’s Kitchen, but we are certainly about more than just offering a hot meal to those who come in off the street. The respect and dignity with which we treat our guests make Rumi’s Kitchen unique.

We welcome the homeless and vulnerable as if they were guests in our own homes: with warmth and a freshly cooked meal. We sit with them, break bread with them, get to know them and let them get to know us. We are currently operating on a weekly basis and regularly catering for over 100 individuals, yet we are determined to do more. We would love to run more regularly and in more locations, and also to expand into running welfare projects for our guests.

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We currently serve at two locations weekly:


Harlesden Community Centre 21 Craven Park Rd, London NW10 8SE


Cricklewood Community Hall 33A Howard Road, Cricklewood, London NW2 6DS

Rumi’s Care

Rumi’s Care is a brand new initiative which creates a sense of community and builds relationships that help foster a vibrant and safe community for older people. Many older people are already enjoying life to the full making the most of the opportunities of age and contributing significantly to their families and wider communities. But alongside these, there are some who are socially excluded for one reason or another. One of the biggest challenges we face is to unlock the potential for all older people to prepare more effectively for the opportunities of later life. By connecting people with similar interests Rumi’s Care provides positive opportunities for them to explore what the community could be. Rumi’s Care is about you the people in our community. Hospital visits: Rumi’s Care is our latest project focusing on hospital visits as well as addressing the needs of the elderly in the local area. There are many patients in hospitals who have few or no visits from friends or family members for a variety of reasons. We hope to have a dedicated set of volunteers who will dedicate a one or two days a month visiting patients.

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Rumi’s Cave

Rumi’s Cave is a alternative community hub, arts and events venue in London. Presenting a diverse range of cultural and social programmes to connect hearts, minds and communities. It is a non-defined social space open to all to reflect and share, inspired by the legacy of Jalauddin Rumi.

The Cave offers an eclectic mix of programs and events, ranging from poetry, storytelling and music nights, to afternoon tea, and a variety of talks, courses and creative workshops.

Rooted in a vibrant and dynamic community, the Cave has managed to bring together a diverse group of local and international guests, who share a passion for culture, creativity and learning. It also serves as a safe, non judgemental space, where people from different backgrounds can come together and explore their cultures and identity. Rumi’s Cave is a space opened for all to provide much needed help and support to the very vulnerable members of our community.

Colombian Appeal

Colombian Appeal

The remote town of Mocoa was hit by the strongest of water born mud avalanches which claimed the lives of many innocent people. More than 300 families have been affected and many people are still missing and unaccounted for in the remaining aftermath of a powerful mudslide which hit in the early hours of the morning. The Colombian government have subsidised funds to cover expenses and help rebuild the many homes that have been left in the rubble. While numerous people have come together to help, much work is still needed to repair the extensive damage that has befallen this small community. We have already carried out a successfully charity walk from Elephant and Castle to Seven Sisters and helped raise £800 in one journey and £1,500 from Jummah collection at Mosque & Islamic Centre of Brent.  Our aim is to go beyond £5,000 and make a significant contribution to these many affected lives. Donate here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/noorudeen