Emergency Appeals


The Ulfa Aid team has just returned from the flood region Jampur (Pakistan) known locally as Gopang, in the district of Rajanpur.

Ulfa Aid established contact with Professor Muhammad Syed Awaise, a respected Orthopaedic Surgeon and Social Activist. He along with his medical team, Foundation for Health Care Improvement, are renowned for their humanitarian work, and have been providing free medical treatment and aid to displaced people, especially in the flood district of Jampur.

In addition Professor Syed Awaise is also the Vice Chancellor of three Universities: the University of Lahore; the University of Punjab, and; the University of Multan and Bahawalpur. This provides access to additional resources which have also been deployed to assist in the aid programme.

When the floods first struck in late July 2010, the Universities immediately undertook a survey to establish which regions were the most badly affected.  They concluded that the village of Jampur was the one most in need of support. Jampur, known locally as Gopang, is in the district of Rajanpur, which is a 6 hour drive from the city of Lahore.

The villagers informed us that during the floods the waters swelled to reach between 7ft and a staggering 15ft above ground level; at the time all they could do was run to the safety of higher ground, where they eventually pitched some make-shift tented shelters. Indeed until recently these encampments could only be reached by boat. The waters have now mostly receded, although some large ponds still remain as testimony to the cause of the destruction.

Ulfa Aid’s role was to survey each family, asking them what were their needs and the needs of the community. Professor Awaise and his team already had started digging the foundations for 20 homes, which had been allocated to specific families. After vigorous talks and agreement with the heads of the village and the University teams, Ulfa Aid surveyed the situation and found that these amenities were required:

  • Medical centre/clinic
  • Schooling
  • Local mosque and a communal area
  • Additional housing

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Jazakallah Khayr.