Sheikh Babikir

Chairman of Ulfa Aid

Arriving in Britain in 1977 Sheikh Babikir has been working hard to promote Islam’s spiritual message amongst the native British since his arrival. Originally from Sudan, he organised and started his first programme at London Central Mosque at Regents Park, which is currently known as Saturday Circle. Then went on to participate in the development of the North London Community Centre where he met His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales for the first time as he had helped in raising the fund from his late Royal Highness King Fahd Bin Abdul-aziz. Sheikh Babikir still continues to work with His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales.

Sheikh Babikir participates in promoting Britain and British Islam through the Commonwealth and Foreign Office. The Sheikh currently works at Islamia Schools Centre which was founded by Yusuf Islam in 1983 as the first Muslim school in the world. His job is to promote Muslim Schools at home and abroad through workshops and conferences.