• Charity Shop: Ulfa Aid hopes to open up it’s first Charity Shop in the coming months, based in North West London selling High end quality products which people have donated. As well as having space for a meeting room to train volunteers.
  • Hospital Visiting the Sick Scheme: We hope to recruit groups of volunteers who will then be trained by learned teachers on the etiquettes and manners on visiting not only Muslim patients, but Non-Muslim’s as well in hospitals.

“A Muslim visiting his sick brother will continue to be in the harvest of paradise until he or she returns home” (Muslim)

  • Soup Kitchen: The United Kingdom is one of the countries that wastes the greatest amount of food. The idea is to organise contracts with caterers around London, so that instead of throwing the food away, it’s packed in neat containers, and then in turn distributed to the homeless around London in Vans.
  • Volunteering Abroad: If you are a Medic or Dentist or Optom and have a few weeks to spare, then why not volunteer for Ulfa Aid abroad using your skills. We would take a group of volunteers to countries which really needed medical, dental aid and eye care.

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our many upcoming projects. Volunteering can be extremely rewarding, an experience to out on your C.V. as well as a chance to meet new people.

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If interested please email your CV and a short paragraph on a project(s) you may want to get involved in at: volunteers@ulfaaid.org